Alex in Wonderland


Now, Alice is a girl I can relate to. She saw a clothed white rabbit followed it and found herself falling down a rabbit hole. Ladies and gentlemen, I fear I have found myself in a rabbit hole. I started writing out my business plan. Writing a business plan is fairly straight forward. However, it forces you to really conceptualize your business. As I write to you from my rabbit hole, I would like to share that this can be very challenging. Personally, I thought that I had planned every detail of my business but the more I dive into my business plan the more cracks I find. The process forces you to be very specific about what you want to do. Every idea seems great when looked at in a broad light but it’s the microscopic details that make for a lasting business. There are a lot of tools online that can help you formulate your plan. I’ve chosen to use an app that outlines what I need to put in my plan. I find this extremely helpful because I don’t have to search online for what I should add. A little Cheshire Cat hipped me to Business Plan Premier. They were featured on and Business News Daily. Also, the app gives you exposure once you’ve completed it by showing it to possible investors. You can find it in your iTunes Store for those of you who are apple users. There is a small fee, however, there are also apps you can use that are free. I love the idea of writing a plan this way because it’s innovative. I can work on my business plan anywhere and anytime. It also exports your plan as a pre-formatted word document. These kinds of tools are priceless for people like me that are new to the business game. I hope you find this helpful. As for me, it’s back to shoes and ships and sealing wax, cabbages and kings.

photo credit: katmary via photopin cc


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